Top Five List of How to Maximize Small Spaces for House Plants

Top Five List of How to Maximize Small Spaces for House Plants

You have a LOT more space than you think

A lot of people hold off on getting house plants because they feel they don’t have enough space for them. We all need plants in our lives to combat depression, anxiety and remove toxins and impurities from the air. You should feel like your home is your oasis – no matter the size.

Hopefully the following list will show you there are many corners you just haven’t considered yet, or better yet types of plants that can inspire you to try something new, (and beautiful). Here are some of the best looking plants to use indoors while maximizing your living space.

  1. Hanging Kokedama
Hanging Lemon Button Fern Kokedama
Hanging Lemon Button Fern

Both modern and yet traditional, these plants have the best of both worlds. Inspired by the art of the bonsai tree, they are crafted to be small and compact while not compromising on style or variety of plant options. Pretty much any kind of plant can be used that would already survive in a pot. You could even create a layered jungle effect by having multiple hanging plants at once!

Check out a hanging Kokedama plant to add to your living room or bedroom.

2. On or Around your Television Set

TV stand kokedama plant decor
Declutter your entertainment unit with a potted Kokedama plant

Pretty much every house or apartment will have a tv room, where the main purpose is to watch movies and shows. Why not maximize the space and add a small bonsai tree that will also improve the air quality in the room?

It will encourage more negative space around your entertainment system which will naturally declutter your home; with the added bonus of having something beautiful to look at while the tv is off.

Check out our Dragon tree, which can be hung-up or placed in a pot.

3. Attach to a Standing Lamp

Kokedama hanging from lamp
Lightweight and Discrete Living Room Plant Decor

This might take some getting used to, but many plants especially the lighter ferns or airplants would be a great fit under a lamp. The added bonus will be that a lot of these plants prefer indirect sunlight, meaning they could survive in an otherwise dark room if they get several hours of lamplight everyday. So to all the folks who’re worried they don’t have enough natural sunlight can kiss that excuse goodbye.

Check out our lightweight Asparagus Fern.

4. The Shower or Toilet

Ceramic plant holder on wooden macrame shelf hanging in shower
Wooden Macrame Hanging PLant

A few fixings on the ceiling and presto mundo you have a plant in a humid environment they will positively thrive in. Anywhere in the bathroom would work, even the back of the toilet! Anywhere you choose will also help you regulate steam and humidity build-up.

Check out our humidity loving Crispy Wave or the Air Plant Ceramic Arch that would fit perfectly in any small space.

5. Around Picture Frames

One of a kind Air Plant Frame
Antique Air Plant Frame

You could put air plants just about anywhere, but why not placed around your favourite work of art? Once again, the only real limitation is that they don’t like direct sunlight, but neither do paintings or photographs for that matter. A few accents will add a lot of green in your life and won’t take up any shelf or counterspace.

Check out our Air Plant Frame if you want to start your own memory maker.

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