About Spiffy Daisy

Kokedama make me happy. Air plants make me happy. Whenever I look at them I just feel good. I wanted to share this feeling with others, so Spiffy Daisy was born.

From homemade cards as a child to building my own campervan a couple of years ago (and everything in between), I have always been driven by a desire “to make“.

Combine this desire with a love of design and a deep respect for the environment. The aim behind Spiffy Daisy is to bring happiness into your life through the medium of interesting plant displays.

When not elbow deep in moss and wood, covered in clay or working with wool or wire, I can be found exploring the countryside of Herefordshire with my two dogs. This inspires me and rejuvenates my creative projects. I prefer to create simple, clean designs that showcase the natural form of whatever medium I’m working with.

I am also a firm believer that the milk goes in after the tea is made, and the toilet roll should come over the top of the roll, not hidden behind the back. Just sayin’.

Oh, and the names Rachel.

Rachel and Dude
Handmade studio ceramics

The Making

It’s all about the making of stuff. I’m obsessed.

There are some crafts that I haven’t tried yet; such as basket weaving and glass blowing, and who knows, one day they might well be incorporated into my designs as I love experimenting with new ideas and techniques.

I make all the products on sale here and aim for simplicity by using minimal colours, textures and shapes to create something peaceful and serene.

What Matters To Me

There’s an inner battle with my desire to make stuff and my need to help the planet as much as I can. It can feel materialistic and as though I’m encouraging the consumer society we live in to be creating something just for the sake of creation. Do we really need more stuff?

With Spiffy Daisy I’ve reached a happy medium, these plants have a beneficial impact on the environment they’re added to, oxygenating and cleaning the air – with the added bonus of bringing some cheerful whimsy to other people as well.

Partnering up with One Tree Planted to help reforest the earth was really important for me, and I will be continuing to look for other ways to help. For every Kokedama purchased, we’re committed to the planting of two trees with this charity.

I use sustainable products where I can, and am always open to hearing how I can do better with that.

Ethos Values Spiffy Daisy
Spiffy Daisy Kokedama Moss Tree

Why Plants Are Important

People need plants.

Not only that they produce the oxygen we breathe, but studies have also shown that they relieve stress, can improve concentration and productivity and boost your mood.

Why would you not have them around?

And then when you make those plants look even cooler, by say putting them in a moss ball that mysteriously hangs in mid air – now we’re talking serious levels of warm fuzzies.