Asparagus Fern


  • Asparagus Fern moss ball
  • Available as hanging or standing version
  • Loves humid environments
  • Great wedding gift!

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Asparagus Setaceus, or Asparagus Fern.

Not actually a fern, this relative of the lily family has fine feathery leaves (which are actually branchlets, but we’ll go with leaves), and looks great in almost every setting. It also purifies the air!

Light – loves dappled light, so bright but no direct sunlight. Too much light will scorch the leaves, whilst too little will turn them yellow.

Water – this plant needs humidity. If it is not kept in a humid place like a bathroom, then it will need daily misting to keep it looking its best. Water when the top of the soil is dry.

Temperature – needs to stay above 10°C, so bear that in mind in the winter. Will thrive at around 20°C.

Toxicity – toxic to humans, dogs and cats if ingested.