Blue Star Fern


  • Blue Star Fern moss ball
  • Available as hanging or standing version
  • Loves humid environments
  • Great wedding gift!

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Phlebodium Aureum, or Blue Star Fern is named after its uniquely shaped leaves and the bluish tinge of its foliage. Like all ferns they make great houseplants and as they are already ready to be hung, you can set them up to hang from a wall, railing or from the ceiling. Alternatively, they can also be placed inside pots or planters on a table or shelf.

This plant is very happy in low light environments like a bathroom or north eastern facing kitchen or living room. They love humidity so the occasional misting will do it a lot of good. Keep the ball of the Kokedama on the damp side, erring towards overwatering rather than underwatering. Blue Star Fern will also love brightly lit rooms as long as they are in indirect light.

They would make an excellent plant to hang around patios, gardens or on balconies since they can tolerate cooler temperatures. They can survive in environments as low as 10°C for short periods, but make sure to bring them inside if there is an extended cold snap, or before winter sets in. This Kokedama will be happy in average household temperatures of 16-24°C.

Though the plant is non-toxic, it is still not recommended to eat.