Creeping Fig


  • Creeping Fig moss ball
  • Available as hanging or standing version
  • Low maintenance
  • Perfect handmade natural gift

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Ficus Pumila, or Creeping Fig.

Often seen climbing up walls of country cottages, the Creeping or Climbing Fig looks great as an indoor hanging plant. Its quite vigorous and if you want to get creative with it you can give it places to climb! You can also prune this to your hearts content in the Spring to keep the size you want.

Light – avoid direct sunlight, but keep it in a bright place. The Creeping Fig can also tolerate lower light levels.

Water – water once a week in summer, reducing to roughly every two weeks during cooler months.

Temperature – is quite a tough little plant so is happy in 13-24°C, but can tolerate some above and below for shorter periods.

Toxicity – toxic if ingested. The sap on these can lead to a serious skin condition, so wear gloves and carefully discard the cuttings when pruning.