Crispy Wave


  • Crispy wave fern moss ball
  • Available as hanging or standing version
  • Low maintenance
  • A completely different birthday gift idea!

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Asplenium nidus, or Crispy Wave.

The Crispy Wave Fern is a long living plant that is easy to care for. It has really substantial leaves giving it a great structure, and is one of the top air purifiers.

Light – this plant prefers bright indirect sunlight, so in a bright room but no sunshine directly falling on the plant.

Water – water this plant once a week in warmer weather, reducing to every couple of weeks when it’s cooler. Where possible, try not to get too much water in the plant base itself as this can lead to rot. Likes some humidity, or occasional mistings.

Temperature – prefers cooler temperatures of around 16-20°C, but keep it away from draughts.

Toxicity – non toxic.